Upgrade Your Kitchen With These Stylish Pantry Door Ideas

George Ross

Pantries big and small are a staple in almost every modern kitchen, and for good reason—after all, where else are we supposed to store all our favorite snacks and hide appliances? And, while most pantries serve a purely functional purpose, that doesn’t mean that you have to force yourself to forgo all design details in the process. Even so, you may still want to create some separation between the main kitchen and the pantry. Even with colorful shelving or cute canisters that compliment the rest of your kitchen, the option for privacy is always welcome in storage-heavy rooms. Plus, mixing up your pantry doors (whether full-on or just cabinet enclosures) can add some style to the adjoining rooms. Below, you’ll find 12 designer-approved exterior pantry upgrades that will, ahem, open the door to new design possibilities in your kitchen.

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If you’re pretty confident that your pantry could rival the local home goods store (like this stunner from Hayburn & Co.), there’s no shame in wanting to show it off! Paned glass doors are a great way to give a strategic peek into your stylish pantry while allowing you to capitalize on any natural light it boasts and let it leak into the rest of your kitchen.

For a bit of clever trickery, look no further than this genius idea. The best part? The execution couldn’t be easier. Simply attach a piece of artwork flush to a cabinet door in order to disguise a handy spice pantry and add a touch of museum-worthy magic to your kitchen.

In many instances, kitchens can accommodate a walk-in pantry, but not necessarily the door swing in either direction. A sliding pocket door is the perfect solution. Instead of taking up precious square footage inside or directly outside the pantry for a full-sized door, a seamless “disappearing” design helps achieve maximum flow—and minimal visual interruption—between the two spaces.


Create Some Rustic Charm

Add some rustic charm to your kitchen by swapping a traditional pantry door with a sliding barn door style. Not only will the setup allow for easy access, but the unfished wood details will add warmth and lived-in charm to the functional zone.

Instead of hoping to disguise your pantry cabinetry, help it intentionally stand out by coating it with a bold (and shiny!) hue. Here, designer Jan Showers relied on a saturated oceanic blue to enliven the exterior and interior of this dishware pantry. For a similar look, try Blue is the Coolest Color by Backdrop.

In a small space, every square inch has to be put to good use. If your pantry is on the snug side, make sure to put the interior of the doors to work, with strategic shelving that is suitable for holding spices or corralling your favorite cooking oils.

How’s this for a magic trick? The “ordinary” cabinet doors in this Matthew Quinn-designed kitchen actually open to reveal a hidden butler’s pantry, where a second refrigerator, tons of open shelving, and bonus prep space reside.


Pop in Some Pebble Glass

For a light and airy look—that still keeps your messes out of sight—try a door with pebble glass instead of traditional panes, as designer Birgitte Pearce did here. The textured glass will softly blur the appearance of anything behind it, allowing you to stash your favorite condiments, spices, and cookbooks without worrying about what visitors see.

Transform your pantry from a utilitarian zone into a design showstopper with the addition of molding. From the traditional picture frame layout to intricate geometric designs (as seen here in the kitchen of designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard), it’s a small twist that will lend maximum impact to your space.

Bottle the feel of your favorite cafe or restaurant by incorporating bespoke architectural ideas into your pantry doors, like this iron and ribbed glass wall and door combo from Kin by Mowlem. Not only does a daring addition like this add personality to your space, but it also helps you disguise any utilitarian essentials packed within your pantry in a stylish and functional way.

Pantries come in all different shapes and sizes—and thus, so do pantry doors! Instead of a traditional door opening, this pull-out cabinet takes advantage of a slim space in the kitchen, with room for countertop appliances, glassware, and oft-used seasonings.

While your first instinct may be to tuck your pantry into an unused corner and hope that no one notices it there, we’re here to convince you to give it a little design love instead. This dramatic pantry door from Davonport Kitchens elevates the functional space into something truly unique, complete with old-world details like an intricate over-the-door carving.

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