Tips and schedules for Eugene, Springfield, Lane County 2021 leaf pickup

Leaf pickup in the Eugene-Springfield region is set to start.

Autumn has blanketed streets and sidewalks with fallen leaves, an once-a-year nuisance when it arrives to safety and flooding fears. County and municipal garden-waste pickup requires locals to collect up the leaves and retail store them properly right before they are eradicated.

Lane County has furnished planning ideas and selection schedules:

Leaf planning recommendations

Parts controlled by Lane County and Eugene permit leaves to be piled in the roadway if they are at the very least 15 ft from parked automobiles. People ought to not bag the leaves.

In Springfield, leaves need to be placed on the curbside in medium-sized trash bags containing only leaves. Leaves should not be piled in bicycle lanes, streets or on curbs.

In county-controlled parts, pickup is provided for paved suppress-and-gutter streets only.

In Eugene, leaves will be picked up on unimproved streets if machinery can arrive at the piles from the tough-street surface area. Leaves are not picked up from within personal yards.