Reasons You Need to Hire a Professional for Fence Repair

The cost of fence repair can be quite expensive. If you replace a wooden fence post yourself, you could spend $60 to $150 or more. If you’re not comfortable with DIY projects, you can always hire a professional fence repair contractor to handle the work. Fence repair contractors can also fix leaning panels, which can be pretty unsightly and cause further damage to your fence.

Cost Of Hiring A Fence Repair Contractor

The cost of hiring a professional for fence repair varies by material and size. Repairing a twelve-foot fence will cost between $150 and $400. A section that has rotten boards will likely require two coats of paint. If the entire fence is rotten, replacing it can cost as much as $500. Wood fence repairs usually involve:

  • Applying a chemical treatment to the rotting wood.
  • Filling holes.
  • Applying a fresh coat of paint or stain.

Repairing a fence yourself can be inexpensive if you know how to do it yourself. However, if the fence is in a closed area, it will likely be more expensive to fix. Hiring a professional for fence repair Copperas Cove, TX, will ensure the job is done correctly and is to local building codes. Additionally, you’ll get bulk discounts on materials from fence contractors. In addition, you can get help from your auto insurance company or tax assessor if the repairs are too costly for you. Moreover, most municipalities do not require permits for fence repair, which can add anywhere from $20 to $100 to the repair costs.

A professional fence repair contractor can offer expert advice and suggestions on what you need to repair to avoid expensive mistakes. 

Cost Of Replacing A Wooden Fence Post

Depending on the type of wood used, the number of posts, and the location, replacing a wooden fence post can range from $125 to $360. If you have a wood fence, you may also need to weatherproof and seal it to prevent rot. Other questions about repairing a wooden fence including how to repair a rotting post, protect the bottom of a wooden fence, and how much it will cost to install a new one. When determining the cost of repairing a wooden fence, you should also consider the age of the wood. Older fencing is more prone to damage, and parts may be harder to find. The type of wood also impacts the cost of the repair. If your fence is made of low-end, untreated wood, replacing a section may cost around $35. However, if the wood is red cedar, you should expect to pay more since the wood is more expensive.

Considerations When Selecting A Fence Material

Before you build a fence for your property, there are many factors to consider. One of the most important is the climate in which you live because it will affect the material you choose and how to install it. For example, concrete anchors are needed in colder climates to secure the fence. Additionally, you will need to understand the property line and discuss your plans with your neighbors. You should also research building regulations and codes in your area. You should also consider the contractor’s credentials. Check the licensing, insurance, and utility locator, and ask about the company’s warranty. In particular, you should check if the contractor you hire offers a warranty for the installation. It is important to know whether this warranty will cover your new fence. Finally, consider the experience of the fencing company. A company with years of experience is more efficient and capable of handling a fence project. Experience also matters because a company with years of experience is likelier to listen to the customer’s needs and keep the project within budget. When hiring a professional for fence repair, it is crucial to find a company with a good reputation. The ideal contractor should have a long list of satisfied customers. You can find out if this is the case by looking at their website or reading customer reviews.