Most Common Causes of Garage Door Repairs

It might be risky to use your garage door if you’ve found a problem with it until a fix is made. A garage door may become worn out due to aging, severe weather, or even physical elements. Before using your garage door, try to identify the issue if it becomes stuck or exhibits resistance when opening or closing. A garage door is a huge safety hazard for people and property when broken. Garage door repair is risky and is best left to professionals at Here are the most common causes of garage door damage:

Broken Springs

The most common garage door repair involves the springs. Garage doors are generally made of torsion springs located at the door’s top and middle. Torsion springs lift the door and hold it in place. When one spring breaks, a technician must repair or replace the door. Torsion springs usually last between ten thousand and twenty thousand cycles or seven to twelve years. Extension springs last for up to fifteen thousand cycles or more.

broken spring should be replaced as soon as possible. A broken spring can cause personal injury, and a damaged spring will also cause the door to fall off of its tracks, which can be dangerous. A professional should always replace broken springs, as an improper replacement can result in serious safety hazards. You can easily spot broken springs by listening to the springs squeaking.

Broken Cables

A broken cable can be caused by some factors, including weak or dead torsion springs. These factors can cause the cables to slip, creating uneven weight distribution. If the cable ends up in the wrong groove, the door can unbalance, resulting in a noisy operation. Also, cables should be under constant tension. However, a garage door will be less safe if one or more cables snap.

Broken cables can be difficult to identify, especially if the cable is in a hard-to-reach area. For example, if it is on the inside of the door, the problem could also be on the other side. If the cables are frayed, the door may not lift or open properly, causing the door to jam and potentially locking your car inside. A professional garage door repair company will be able to fix any cable problems quickly.

Misaligned Photo Eyes

If the sensor light is not working, the most likely problem is misaligned photo eyes. To adjust the photo eyes manually, you need to loosen the screws and bolts that hold the pivot bracket in place. Please make sure they are level and facing the same direction. If they are not level, the door is likely off track. Likewise, the problem may be due to misaligned photo eyes if you hear a rubbing noise when the door closes or opens.

These sensors are typically mounted six inches off the floor. A misaligned photo eye can cause the garage door to open or close. When this happens, you should call a garage door repair service. This service will remove the obstruction and align the photo eyes. Occasionally, misaligned photo eyes are a common cause of garage door repairs. In most cases, the fix is easy.

Damaged Rollers

Besides broken springs and tracks, damaged rollers are one of the most common causes of garage door repairs. The rollers are a vital part of the garage door’s mechanism and should be inspected annually or earlier, depending on the amount of use. If unsure what to check for, read on to learn how to diagnose the problem. Damaged rollers can affect the performance of the door as well as the appearance of the door.

A worn-out roller may not only affect the function of the door but can also damage the opener. This constant irregular movement will cause the tracks to become compromised. Damaged rollers may not even be worth repairing; purchasing new ones is usually cheaper. If you notice cracks in the wheel, it’s time to replace them. If you notice the rollers are not the only problem, check the door’s seals and other parts for wear and tear.

Weather-Stripping Around the Frames

One of the most common causes of garage door repairs is weather-stripping around the door’s frame. Felt weather stripping is inexpensive and easy to remove. Foam weather stripping is more durable but does not offer the same ease of installation as rubber. Rubber weather stripping is the most expensive type, but it can be challenging to install correctly. Make sure the area is clear and free from debris.

Garage doors have retaining tracks made of aluminum. In addition, they contain rubber, brush, or vinyl strips that slide into the tracks. These seals come in several types: ones that are fastened with screws, removable, and permanent. Regardless of the type, all seals are subject to wear and tear. Some homeowners may attempt to replace weather stripping on their own, but a professional’s opinion is always recommended before making any door repairs or alterations.