How much does it expense to take out popcorn ceiling?

For some reason owners no more time have an understanding of, popcorn ceilings were preferred in the 1960s and 1970s. Nonetheless, we have due to the fact learned how a lot dust and cobwebs they hold on to, how complicated they are to paint, and, if vital, restore. If you stay in an more mature residence and you want to take away popcorn ceilings, keep studying for a breakdown of charges, recommendations, and warnings for this Do it yourself-pleasant property advancement task.

A single important reality to take note is that your popcorn ceilings could consist of asbestos, a material known to lead to lung most cancers. And in accordance to Scott Langmack, COO of the proptech business Kukun, its presence could effect the charge of elimination. ‘Asbestos was often employed in advance of 1980, and it will value 3 to four moments more to take out it properly with an asbestos elimination team,’ he suggests.