Floyds Knob home undergoes full renovation from Barry Wooley Designs

Robert and Michelle Owings hadn’t made any major changes to their Floyds Knob home since it was built in 2002. About two years ago, they decided it was time to give the house a bit of a facelift.

“We were actually going to only do half of the house and keep the … kitchen/breakfast room/family room (area) … the same,” Michelle said. “But when we got the other half of the house renovated, we were like, oh — this is not good. There was just too much of a difference.”

Within just a couple of weeks, the Owings called Barry Wooley Designs and his team— the crew that had helped them with the original overhaul — to schedule more renovations. 

Cutting-edge kitchen

The Floyds Knobs home of the Owings family with interior design help by Barry Wooley Designs.

The overall kitchen footprint didn’t change, but there’s one particular modification Wooley made that Michelle absolutely loves.

“You (used to be able to) look right into the laundry room (from the kitchen) — which I hated,” she told The Courier Journal. “(Wooley) actually built a wall and … (now) there’s a little area that you just kind of walk around and into the laundry room — so you can’t see directly from the kitchen (into) the laundry room (anymore). He (moved) the stove and the microwave (into that area), and so now I’ve got this really long workspace.”