Different Types of Concrete Sawing Techniques

Different types of saws are used to cut concrete. Some types of saws are electric, chainsaws, and cut-off concrete saws. Electric-powered concrete saws are ideal for indoor projects, while chainsaws are great for cutting pavers. 

Cut-Off Concrete Saws Are Used To Cut Contraction Joints

A cut-off concrete saw is a type of concrete saw used by professionals in concrete sawing New Orleans, LA, to cut the contraction joints between masonry walls and concrete floors. These saws generate a considerable amount of dust and silica dust as the blade cuts through the concrete. Therefore, a containment system is necessary to keep dust levels down and complete the job quickly. In addition, it is important to remember that a dull blade can cause cracks in the concrete as it works harder than it should. It can also shorten the lifespan of the saw and generate more silica dust. Cutting concrete is a delicate process and requires considerable experience to be done correctly. In addition, the depth of the cut must meet the required structural specifications. 

Chainsaws Are Used To Cut Pavers

Chainsaws are handy when cutting pavers, but they can also be dangerous. You should always wear safety gear to avoid getting cut. A chainsaw can make multiple passes through a paver, so you may want to flip the stone mid-cut. It is also important to purchase the right blade for the job.

Chainsaws come with different blades, but they all cut at a 90-degree angle. Therefore, the blades of a chainsaw will stay sharper longer than the blades of a standard saw. Make sure to wear safety glasses when using a chainsaw to cut pavers.

Electric-Powered Concrete Saws Are Better

When deciding which concrete saw to buy, it’s best to think about the type of job you’ll be doing. For example, gas-powered concrete saws are a great option if you are working outdoors. They’re lightweight and easy to start. They’re also quieter and less prone to produce fumes. On the other hand, an electric concrete saw may be a better choice if you’re working inside.

Electric-powered concrete saws are more portable than their gas-powered counterparts. In addition, they don’t have a fuel tank, so they are smaller and lighter. 

Wire Saws Create No Cracks

A wire saw is a powerful tool to cut precise openings in reinforced concrete and steel. Its diamond-laced cable is manipulated by a drive pulley and fed through the targeted material. The wire is cooled with water during the cutting process. The advantages of using a wire saw are flexibility and minimal vibration, significantly reducing the risk of cracks around the cut. However, it is important to use this tool only by professionals to ensure you get the best results.

Safety Features Of Concrete Saw

When choosing a concrete saw, there are several safety features to consider. First, the blade must be set perpendicular to the cutting channel. The blade must also be set at optimum blade revolutions to prevent kickback. Finally, the blade should also be positioned, so that the end cut falls directly to the ground.

Another important feature of a concrete saw is its automatic shutoff switch. The automatic shutoff switch should be able to shut down the saw if it senses any slurry or dust. In addition, the saw should have adequate support for pipe cutting and proper chocking. It should also be placed at a suitable distance away from other people. If a saw operator works in a tight area, they should place warning signs in a visible location. In addition, workers should keep at least 100 feet away from the saw operator. Additionally, barriers should be used to prevent the expulsion of fine particles and chips.