Common Problems That Can Damage Your Residential HVAC Unit

Most homeowners take a functional HVAC unit for granted. Without a good-working HVAC unit, it will be difficult to keep the inside of a home comfortable. As a homeowner, your main goal should be keeping this vital system functional and efficient.

Homeowners spend millions of dollars annually to keep their HVAC units functional. Educating yourself about what your HVAC unit needs to thrive is important. Read below to find out more about common problems that can damage your HVAC unit and what you can do to avoid them.

Dirty Air Filters Can Cause Big Problems

Knowing how your HVAC unit works is important. The average HVAC unit will pull air in from outdoors and then heat or cool it based on thermostat settings. During this process, a lot of dirt, dust and pollen will enter your home. The air filters in your HVAC unit are designed to remove these pollutants and keep your indoor air supply clean.

When these filters become clogged, they can cut off the flow of air in your HVAC system. This will lead to your unit getting overworked, which is why you need to change these filters every two months or so. If you don’t have time to perform this essential maintenance, then hiring an HVAC service Chicago to help you out is a good idea.

Low Refrigerant Levels

One of the main things your HVAC unit needs to produce cool air is the right amount of refrigerant. Without the proper amount of refrigerant, your unit will be prone to freezing and only lukewarm air will come from your vents. Allowing professionals to maintain your unit can help you stay one step ahead of refrigerant leaks.

If you start to notice problems with your HVAC unit, you need to take action immediately. With the help of professionals, you can get these problems fixed the right way.